Why am I gain weight so fast during training

Why am I gain weight so fast during training?

Why am I gain weight so fast during training?

You came to the gym to lose weight, and after a while on the scales – an increase? 

calm, we know what to do.

 1. Most Likely

 You still became slimmer and more beautiful. regular fitness activities and a healthy lifestyle can lead to the fact that the weight does not decrease, but rather increases by a couple of kilograms. this is explained by the fact that light, but voluminous fat goes away and its place is taken by muscles, which are much heavier than fat.

Therefore – watch the volumes, not the weight!

  2. Appetite

Being engaged in fitness, we begin to allow ourselves more of all sorts of goodies. forbidden foods become available as rewards for going to the gym, resulting in extra pounds.

Of Course, you need to encourage yourself, but not with hearty sandwiches. let the reward be fitness – a gadget or a new sports uniform.

3. Diet Approach

The desire to quickly reduce their size and the simultaneous application of a diet can lead to the opposite effect. the body needs a supply of energy for full-fledged work, and this is approximately 1400 kilocalories. if you consume fewer calories, the body will perceive it as a threat and will start saving up.

4.gym for a long time,

 If you have been in the gym for a long time, and there is no more progress – change the load – weights, the number of repetitions in the approach, master new exercises. most likely, your body is used to stress and is at rest. “surprise him” – and the result will not belong incoming!

You must also, observe the following rules:

  • do not exercise on an empty stomach, include more fiber in your diet;
  • the fitness the schedule should include cardio loads, thanks to which fat is burned and the cardiovascular system is trained;
  •  control the amount of protein food consumed, add more fats and carbohydrates to your diet
  • and most importantly – remember: fitness and diet are incompatible, this approach only harms your health. it is better to learn how to control the number of calories consumed, and keep a food diary.

Over-Training – what to do and where to run?

To begin with, let’s decide – do not confuse normal fatigue after a workout (you worked hard in the gym, and didn’t just play for an hour and a half?) and the notorious “overtraining”.

Overtraining is a systematic condition that occurs when you exercise more often than your body can recover. on the physical level – due to excessively frequent training, the excess lactic acid does not have time to be removed from the muscles.

 What are the threats of over-training?

by not giving your body rest, you are hoping to squeeze more weight in a short time – but in reality, you are getting weaker and weaker. the muscles simply do not have time to restore and strengthen the torn fibers, and instead of progress, you get a rollback.

How to recognize overtraining?

  • Prolonged persistent muscle and joint pain;
  • Tremors and twitching of muscles that do not go away for several hours after exercise;                         
  • Headaches and dizziness.
  • in especially advanced cases, severe depletion of the body leads to a decrease in immunity.
  • Sleep disordersdecreased concentration, apathy, irritability, and decreased cognitive activity can also occur.

How to not accept overtraining?

do not neglect to warm up and stretching.

warming up gradually prepares the body to increase the load, and stretching after exercise can greatly ease muscle pain. also, good stretching will prevent muscles from “clogging” and will make them more prominent and beautiful – just what women need!

swimming, walking, yoga. the tense muscles should gradually relax.

After exercising, you should rest and give your body time to recover adequately. of course, we want to see you in the club as often as possible, but please give yourself at least a day to recover!

By The way, proper sleep is very important for recuperation and muscle regeneration. if you do not see progress from training – think, maybe you just do not sleep enough?

Follow your drinking regimen. there is an opinion that it is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of clean water per day. not everyone benefits from this amount, but remember – water increases the delivery of nutrients to the muscles and removes toxic substances from the body.

In Any Case, it is important to listen to yourself, as well as to our coaches, ask them questions, and adhere to the set program – and then the training will be beneficial, and we will be able to rejoice in your (and a little our) success! 


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