Super 6 Resistance Band Shoulder Press Workouts


Super 6  Resistance Band Shoulder Press Workouts

Super 6  Resistance Band Shoulder Press Workouts
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Today I’m going to be showing you how to get a crazy Super 6 Resistance Band Shoulder Press shoulder workout the serious pump using no weight just a little resistance band a piece of equipment that’s super lightweight that you can take absolutely anywhere and get a solid workout in with each resistance band comes with its own amount of resistance so getting a thicker band is like picking up a heavier dumbbell now you can use resistance bands for assistance and exercise as well and it will do the opposite effect the thicker the band is the more weight it’s going to alleviate from your body to allow you to do an exercise that you may not have the strength yet to do so or to alleviate some weight so that you’re able to increase your repetitions and build more strength but for today we’re going to be using the bands for resistance and this is going to be all the weight that we’re going to need for today’s workout now if you need a resistance band to take your training with you everywhere that you’re hitting all three heads of your shoulders that’s going to be your frontal medial and rear delt now there’s a lot of shoulders exercises out there but not all of them engage all three of your adults and some shoulder exercises emphasize mainly on just one delt so you have to make sure that you’re selecting the right combination of shoulder exercises to make sure that you’re getting a full complete shoulder workout and that you’re hitting all areas of your shoulders that’s not only going to strengthen your shoulders to its fullest potential but it’s also going to prevent muscle imbalances and injuries a lot of times we have shoulder impingements or we have pain in our shoulders because we’re lacking in one of the delts most commonly the rear delt but today I’m going to show you how to effectively hit your rear delt as well as all of your delts with just this little resistance band so if you’re ready to get started now to start off we are going to be focusing on our rear delt a sit’s the most neglected one so I’m going to take my resistance band and you can just tie it around any stable surface a lot of times when I’m in the house, I’ll probably put this on like a doorknob something like that so you can put it through.


HOW TO D0 THIS Super 6 Resistance Band Shoulder Press Workouts

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I got a classic exercise for you for your shoulders it’s gonna be the shoulder pressand really great with the band’s before we get started let’s go over what part of the shoulders this is going to work mainly the shoulder press is going to work your anterior deltoids the front of the shoulder right here and some of the medial or lateral deltoid right here probably bringing our arms up from here to here now our starting point before I grip the bands our starting point is going to be our goal post position which means that my forearm is gonna make a 90 degree angle with my upper arm and my upper arm starts at parallel with the floor not from down here I want you guys to start here press up and together and then back down to our starting position let’s get to the exercise for this demonstration I’m going to use my 8pound red elastic and attach a handle to each side now I’ll show you from the side first step always we’re gonna  lay our band down on the floor I’m gonna stand right into the center of the band now with the band’s in front of my arms now I’m gonna bring my arms up and you’ll see that I’m kind of putting some weight on my back foot it’s standing straight chest up head straight now we’re gonna bring my arms up to that goal post position press up and together and then back down to our goal post position this is the whole exercise right there we’re pushing straight up over our heads why are you doing the exercise try not to get little half reps right here I say that for every exercise I want you guys to start here shorten the muscle all the way up to the top and then back down so right there incredible classic exercise for your shoulders that’s the standing shoulder press.




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we’re going to be going for is face pulls let me angle me so you can get a better view I’m holding both sides of the resistance band I’m going to squeeze my scapulas back squeeze my core I’m going to bring it all the way to my face and right back down the full range of motion let’s go for 15 reps when doing your face pulse you want to have a tight grip on the resistance band but you want to be emphasizing pulling from your elbows and squeezing your scapulas and shoulder blades behind you trying to get your shoulder blades to touch each other as you slightly pull up towards your eyes all right there we have the first exercise face pulls that’s going to been gaging our rear delts.


Single Arm Rear Delt Fly


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So now we’re going to go into the  that’s going to be single arm rear delt flies with the resistance band and since I have one band today I’m going to be doing each arm isolated you can do both if you have two bands but it’s good to do it isolated on both sides as well because it can cure muscle imbalances and strengthen each individual side so you want to have a tight grip on the band, you want your feet shoulder-width apart and we’re going to have a slight angle in so that we have more range of motion when we come out with our arm so keep your core tight you’re going to come out from your rear delt and your elbow come right back in control the whole entire movement 12 on each side all right let’s switch keep the nice angle so we have more range of motion all the way out all right now if you notice I’m not bending my arm like this I’m keeping my arms straight so I can really engage my rear deltas it’s coming down I’m staying straight and as it’s coming back out I’m keeping my arm straight as well alright.

We’re Ready To Move On To The Next Exercise



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 So now that’s going to ski with the resistance band the last rear delt exercise so we’re gonna hold the resistance band have a really good grip gonna be right in front we want our feet shoulder-width apart and again our core tight scapula is pulled back we’re gonna come down almost like we’re getting into a deadlift position and from here we’re gonna bring our arms straight back again our arms have to stay straight to really engage our rear delt so take the full range of motion and come right back 12 on each side all right switch last one squeeze hold hold hold all right that’s going to be the last rear delt exercise and as I was getting into In this exercise I took an extra step back just to add more resistance for the movement the further you are and the more tension there’s on the resistance band of course the more weight and resistance is going to be applied to the exercise and if this is too easy you can always pick up a thicker band and it’s definitely going to get a whole lot harder now.


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 We’re ready to start emphasizing on our frontal dealt  with these next exercises the first one is going to be straight arm frontal raise with the resistance band, now I’m doing this straight arm because this is really going to strengthen your tendons as well and build your straight arm strength for more advanced exercises like full punch hold and pressing up into a handstand from a full punch position so if you’re just getting started you don’t have to lock out your arms completely straight but try to keep them as straight as possible and overtime as you continue to strengthen this exercise and the ligaments and tendons associated with it you should be able to lock out your arm and start doing this exercise with your arm completely locked out start developing that straight arm strength sole it gets right into it we’re gonna  be doing  isolated arms I’m gonna start with one have a nice grip as you can see I’m gonna try to over curl my arm a bit kind of like a false grip to emphasize that I’m pushing from the ditch of my elbow as well as my frontal delt see just like that now I’m at the side of the resistance band so that I’m nothing myself when I come upright so you want to stand to the side we’re going to go for 12 repetitions keeping your arms straight pushing your frontal delt forward right back and if your arms are straight locked out you should be leading with the ditch of your elbow as well as your frontal down all right let’s go ahead and switch last one hold it nice and straight all right that is a killer frontal delt exercise it’s also one of the best exercises to develop straight arm strength necessary for full Planck push-ups and weight harder advanced exercises like pressing from a plane to a handstand and back down.


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 We’re gonna  move on to the next frontal delt exercise with anterior raises so we’re gonna go ahead and turn around we’re gonna have a pronated grip and we’re gonna bring our hands all the way up all the way back down keep your arms straight let’s go for 10reps you want to make sure that you keep your back straight and you’re still bringing your scapulas back all right so with the first exercise we were really emphasizing the first90 degrees now with this next to the exercise we’re working on the rest of the 90degrees completing 180 degrees the full range of motion for our anterior delt so now we’re ready to move on to our medial delts which is the last head to complete our shoulders also keep in mind that the majority of shoulder exercises are almost always engaging your medial delts and many shoulder exercises engage your anterior as well which is why we had one more rear delt exercise than our medial and our anterior because we’re already indirectly hitting anterior and medial delts so often every time we do bench press push-ups handstands and other exercises that you may do throughout the week.


 This is why the rear delt tends to be more under developed compared to your other two delts so on our shoulder days we want to make sure to show extra love to our rear delts now we’re ready to hit our medial delts which we’ll be using lateral raises I’m going to go ahead and take off this band, I’m gonna stand on the band give it as much resistance as I would use for lateral raise that’s course as much resistance as it will allow me to complete this move with perfect form but also complete the repetitions in this case we’re gonna go for 15 reps on both sides so keep your core tight stand up straight feet shoulder-width apart shoulders back bring it all the way up all the way back down. well the last one you want to make sure to really squeeze and control the entire movement all the way up and all the way down. all right here we go get a good grip all the way up all the way down all right that was the last rep right there and now I have one last exercise for you this last exercise is going to emphasize on our medial deltas well as our frontal delt.


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that’s going to be shoulder press with the resistance band now I would always recommend to do the progression pipe push-ups or elevated pipe push-ups as these are direct progressions to train to develop your strength to eventually be doing freestanding handstand push-ups90-degree push-ups and a lot more and these progressions take absolutely no equipment and can be done everywhere but since we’re using resistance bands today I’m going to be showing you how to do a shoulder press with just the resistance bands so I’m going to use a thicker band to add more resistance add more weight to this exercise I’m going to step on the band about shoulder-width apart I’m going to bring it up from right here I’m going to press up bring it behind my head press up in front up let’s go for 20. keep your core tight area  right there we have it the last exercise to finish this effective shoulder routine using nothing but resistance bands and as you can see my shoulders are pumped keep in mind that your body doesn’t know the difference between what type of resistance that you’re using bodyweight or resistance bands resistance is resistance all of them can be used to build muscle and each and every one of them have their own specific advantages so make sure that you incorporate all forms of resistance in your training if you really want to be the sharpest blade in your toolbox so if you’re able to make it through this routine with me congratulations you’re on your way to building some solid shoulder strength and the more you do this routine you’re definitely going to get a whole lot stronger and be able to go for more rounds you want to be able to do at least three to four rounds to complete this routine and to benefit the most out of this workout and don’t forget to get this workout and many more getting the best shape.

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