P90X Review of Shoulders and Arms Workout

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I plan to review each of the 12 P90X workouts over the next couple of weeks. One a day as I do each of them. When I’m finished you’ll have 12 P90X reviews to pick from to decide where you want to start your workout routine.

Out of all 12 of the P90X workouts, P90X Shoulders and Arms is my absolute favorite. I have to admit right up front that I will be biased with this review.

It starts the same way all the others do, with a typical Tony Horton 10 -12 minute warmup with jumping jacks and running in place, “riding the pony”, as well as some good neck stretches with “head rolls” and arm circles that get in there and burn your shoulders.

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Then it’s off to the races. You jump right in with alternating shoulder presses to start working your shoulders. From there you do “in and out” bicep curls, these are my favorites because when you’re finished your biceps are completely on fire.

You start working on your triceps next with two arm tricep kickbacks which is a great exercise to explore your triceps.

After these 3 exercises, you go back to the beginning and start the process all over again. This repeats itself throughout the entire DVD. Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, and repeat.

Each set has a different set of 3 exercises that works those specific muscles in that specific order. At the end of each set, Tony does 30 seconds of ballistic stretching to let you catch your breath.

You’ll have upright swimmer presses, static arm curls, chair dips, upright rows, hammer curls, and a list of other classic weightlifting exercises.

By the time the DVD is over, you will have done 2 complete sets of 5 different exercises for each of the targeted areas and you will be fried, but in a good way.

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I love how this workout makes my arms feel. By the end of this P90X DVD, my arms are so pumped up it feels amazing. It’s my favorite way to start my day now and that’s pretty amazing in its own right since just a few short months ago my morning routine consisted of sitting on the couch to watch ESPN or the news.

In 2 months I added an inch of muscle to my arms……pretty cool!

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