Leslie Sansone’s Three Miles Walk At Home

Leslie Sansone’s Three Miles Walk At Home 

come on it’s time for three miles you have your hand weights no worries if you don’t want to use it least this time don’t worry about it if you have them close I have one pound I’m starting out with one pound in each hand I’m gonad on two more pounds later on okay further nervous is along with the workout you don’t need to use weight through the whole thing and we’re not going to its just too much fun the joint on the shoulder joint okay I want to burn a lot of calories but I don’t want to aggravate and over your body temperature goes up we get a little fluid in the joints I call it to juice in the joints get us ready for that big range of motion okay so walking that’s the first step you’re doing we’re going to go.

ready three big miles

okay ready three big miles the big calorie burnet’s going to get sweaty but we have to gradually build our case does it helps you to last into the workout, you don’t want to burn out too quickly because your body moves and you get you to want to help my heart keep walking you wanna help me brain okay guys walk again walk very nice coming and meanness or the fourth step in our the cool program then we build thesis the time I love to set my posture my back alignment want my quarter to be stable so my arms and legs can move with power first thing I do take my belly button brought back into my spine so it’s beeps tuck your belly back and then my shoulder.

 I want to make sure I line up very nice walks walk tall okay walking again we always go back to walking bikini workout easy-to-follow side steps again here they come especially if you’re not new exercise usually by the point that you’re going through my workouts you are not a beginner we advanced the pace and add weeks this time you got to get that body of your warm come on now body temperature raises every the time you make big movements to get the circulation going it asks me the muscles asked for more oxygen and blood flow oh boy is that powerful remember circulation carries all your nutrients all over your body I mean it carries away the waste in our circulation moving okay walking you already feel your body temperature up that’s what the warm-up guys.

 but now it’s time to get into aerobic exercise that means more oxygen we want our anything to be really challenged okay that means you’re using a lot of oxygen you’re burning a lot of calories or get perk healthy it’s the best workout nice all right find that beat it’s just simply a little brisk walk there we go pick up your feet little higher there I got it to walk walk walk okay now listen don’t worry about County move again you got some room at homeboy it’s so nice to get that body in motion if you don’t have a lot of room I don’t want you to worry stay right in place in your mind I’d rather have a dismantled living room and a healthy body instead of a perfect living room and an unhealthy body I want you to be healthy.

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 now walk in place okay guys back to sidesteps step out this way you can see I ‘musing my weights controlled I do not want a bunch of movement with these weights a little too risky on the shoulder in the elbow and the wrist come on four three two which is right now here’s what we’ll do give it a little test a path of motion just establish that path of motion raise the weights above your head bring him down don’t worry about the pace for now just make it smooth and control no faster jerky movements with weights smooth controlled movements always for safety and the most effective way to use introduced the weights for you now let’s try just reach out and if all we do is move those weights away and you can feel your core stabilized deep in your waistline you feel deep in your belly you feel that muscle group just holding you tight gives you the stability to move your arms and legs. 

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come on walk nice knee lifts and now go knees up knees-up all right just gently take your opposite hand and touch the knee when it comes up when my right knee comes up my left knee left-hand touches it so I’m working a little bit across my body because it calls on rotator muscle the waistline now we walk again walk very good weights down here we go three two a one pound in each hand and boy it gets challenging after a few repetitions easy one pound nice job guys sidestep coming back ready step this way step out together out together a little wider step you bend your knees you can step out wider and use more muscle good.

you got the legs to move but now all I want you to do raise the arms out to the side a bent arm just raise it up working into the shoulder even the upper back assist come on down close move it out of land hold very nice and just extend the arms out together while you feel thestrengthokay last two here’s one here’s two lets’ walk everybody walk very nice kicks are coming ready here’s the kick it’s big to come on set that good posture and then raise the leg raise it high blow out that air you feel so much better when you’re keeping up cause that heart rate goes up high alright raise them up and then pressing forward reach down now press forward and back reach out down and reach down and go for all right now arms stay strong.

 let’s hold the weights to the front gives you a little more stable point but your River you’re carrying that extra weight and ask the body to do more work that means you burn more calories your muscles get more condition you get needier I’m going to turn a little bit all I did is turn my body you can keep straight on is fine you can stay just like this 4 4 3 or do the trunk walk right here good nice and reach up and stretch out to the side watching me once here it reaches up come down now stretch out and back three chopped down stretch out again if you don’t have the weight that’s fine if you’re working with come on keep it slow anytime you need toots them off to the side please zoom just gets too much one more.

 Wow nice good walk open up your feet I want to do a knee lift from this point all you do is listen okay again all I did was just give you a new angle to work from and that calls on your muscle so just by opening up the seat you’re getting more hip more side or back in and the pores involve tuck in your tummy every time and knee come to upend here I go my hands walk right now sidestep these are moving though watch this so I’m coming toward you now backup side steps in motion come big come on you got some room stretch their legs outlet them go good one two three four I’m keeping the weights controlled near my body I don’t want to do all that swinging around so watch that we want tube safe with the weights. had plenty of strength training while you were doing your walking your brisk walking your cardio it’s all done with the weights there we go heart rate is still up we’re still in the first part of the walk but you can hear it’s kind of settle down a bit the pace settles down is now steady and that’s endurance even with the later perks of the workout to help you to work on in Florence Wow open up one-two kickbacks open up to ready all you do is here we go we’re going into the corner the room every time they pull back that’s so great about these workouts it’s still very healthy and very good for you this is multi-muscle walking it’s deep conditioning.

 okay guys pick up feet power walk two and three and four good walks up to and kick – it’s easy it’s just this block -now kick one-two back up one two and one and – oh well how about this three-mile workout it feels so good it’s a three-mile Multi muscle high calorie burn heart-healthy joint healthy brain healthy blood pressure-lowering let me name everything that this would walk does for you I’m serious ask your doctor I’m not a doctor you ask your doctor if it doesn’t do all those things besides I want you to keep your double side steps I’m going a grapevine grapevine is the exact same count as double a-side stuff so you choose double side steps I’ll do it again or grapevine there comes a great you step out just a little weave in forward and your other foot comes in behind it you can easily do a great step together right you start to feel like I can’t cope with whatever was bothering me believe me I know we all have it someday are great some days are funky huh some parts alight for real serious and it feels heavy some days I know to believe me I’m we’re normal I’m raising the kids and doing everything you ‘redoing there’s no perfect life but there are smart choices the bring lights uplift life up come on you’re doing this today you did it but why want to preach to you right you know the secretive six side steps or minis and I’ll move with these with their minis because you know you’re in the cool down you ‘rein it you know wait 45 seconds four three two I’m always in rush to make announcements I get to them too excitable for three Wow does that feel good toadying mini little kicks just a cu kick okay now I’ll say it you just did three miles huh how good is that are you walking strong you are walking strong I just love this feeling come on that’s a thing in the world to get addicted to a good walking program just let that body reach one more going hi we’re coming down halfway we’re closing we’re opening-closing off the back will stretch open up stretch across the front those shoulders really need it bicep shoulder chest open up very nice turn to the side quick pat stretch spur brisk walking low part of the leg flip her to the back here’s what we do hand on the side for support and I are going deep.

I’m going you need to move that long or do you can turn this right off and continue your stretches don’t worry can you through it abs tight then from your flexors long back think of a long go deep so deep buggies you can’t balance put your hand on the couch don’t much care whatever is near you come on down thanks everybody you did three-mile walk strong see you the next time we walk together.

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