Marcy fitness gear pro Olympic bench

Marcy fitness gear pro Olympic bench is a great-looking piece of equipment that offers a full workout for your upper and lower body. You can do a variety of exercises including chest presses, upright rows, triceps extensions, bicep curls, overhead triceps extensions, chin-ups, and abdominal work. This weight bench is perfect for any home gym. … Read more

bodyweight shoulder workout

Upper Bodyweight Shoulder Workout for Build Big Shoulder Muscles bodyweight shoulder workout for V Manipulate Upper body Trunk Build Large Deltoids Most people ponder that to get that V-shaped upper body like comic book superheroes, they only have to develop oversized wide back muscles & last. Well, having wide back muscles & well-developed last is … Read more

inner thigh workout women

inner thigh workout women at home   REPETITION SERIES EXERCISES of inner thigh workout women TRAINING 1 Foot extension 4×12 Front squats 4×12 Hack squats 4×12 Lying leg flexion 4×12 TRAINING 2 Squats 4×12 Foot thrust 4×12 Step 4×12 I exercise my thighs at home twice a week and I always exercise them completely: quadriceps, … Read more

full body workout split

full body workout split

  full body workout split 11 major muscle groups Split training design     In case you didn’t know, split training is a way to schedule exercises for different parts of the body. You can choose to work on your whole body during training, for example (although it will take more time). You can also choose … Read more

Fast way to lose body fat and toning muscles

Fast way to lose body fat and toning muscles Training frequency Every other day, the interval between individual training 36-48 hours to fully recover the body. Duration of individual training  Duration of individual training  with a warm-up, the main part of training, and stretching no more than 75 minutes. Training intensity – 60-70% of maximum … Read more

How much is walking cardio for weight loss

  How much is walking cardio for weight loss canvas image Bodybuilding Is Not Just Lifting Heavy Weights, But, As The Name Suggests, Bodybuilding. And It Means Much More Than Weight Training. Abs for cardio training If You Want Six Tiles On Your Stomach, You Have A Lot To Give Up. Abs Are Very Important, … Read more

7 benefit of running

  7  benefit of running   Running is a cardiovascular and whole-body exercise that primarily targets the quads and to a lesser degree also targets the calves, glutes, hamstrings, and hip flexors. The only running equipment that you really need is the following and out that may require different types of running equipment or may … Read more

belly fat exercise-Aks fitness

  Top Exercises for Belly Fat? Try these workouts and lifestyle changes   As people get older, it’s common to see an increase in belly fat collect along the waistline. This is usually because muscle mass decreases with age as fat increases. Belly fat can make you feel self-conscious or can cause difficulty fitting into … Read more

30 day beginner fitness challenge

30 days fitness workout challenge at home without equipment in 2020-21-Aks-fitness-blog Is 30 days fitness challenge is good? The 30 days fitness challenge is not made for you to get in shape. It’s just the beginning of your fitness to make in good shape in some months. so the 30 days are not enough for … Read more

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