Corona epidemic in the UK

       Corona epidemic in the UK   To date, the world has not experienced an outbreak similar to the current outbreak of the coronavirus. This is far more than 2009 swine flu outbreak. According to experts, there is no chance that the epidemic will stop or slow down as seen in a country … Read more

Most deadly diseases in the UK

 Most deadly diseases in the UK Despite widespread rumors of coronavirus infection, the fact that older people in the world’s population are at higher risk of contracting the disease cannot be ruled out. Although no scientific evidence has been found yet, if there is an infection, the elderly are more likely to get sick than … Read more

Precautions for pregnant women in UK

Precautions for pregnant women in the UK during the coronavirus outbreak The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned that because pregnant women are already at risk of developing respiratory illnesses, they may be at risk for coronavirus infection. There is also an increased risk of contracting COD-19. There is not enough … Read more

Hair fall Causes and Treatment

     Hair fall Causes and Treatment Hair loss can include baldness on the scalp and loss of hair on the rest of the body. Causes of hair loss can include a hereditary trait and a hormonal change, suffering from another disease, and a side effect of its medical treatment. Are more prone to. The … Read more

20 best fat burning foods to eat

  20 best tips to live long, healthy life secrets foods to eat to live longer   Living life is what everyone needs but live long life everyone desire. So here are certain tips for long life and healthy happy life.  ways to live long, healthy life secrets   1.    Choose a healthy diet Eat a healthy … Read more