Big 5 weight bench bad shoulder exercises

  Big 5 weight bench-bad shoulder exercises Why all the fuss about the big weights on Bench-press? What does that apparent weight that can be pushed while lying on your back have to do with anything? If you sit with the company and someone strong enters the room, you can often hear, “I wonder how … Read more

Why am I gain weight so fast during training

Why am I gain weight so fast during training? You came to the gym to lose weight, and after a while on the scales – an increase?  calm, we know what to do.  1. Most Likely  You still became slimmer and more beautiful. regular fitness activities and a healthy lifestyle can lead to the fact … Read more

The Positive Benefits Of Everyday Exercise

What Is The Positive Benefits Of Everyday Exercise? Physical Activity Increases Energy Expenditure And Accelerates Basal (Resting) Metabolism, Or. Prevents It From Slowing Down And Thus Helps To Increase Energy Expenditure Even At Rest. Exercises Of An Aerobic Nature, Also Called Cardio Exercises (Eg Cycling, Brisk Walking, Running,Swimming) Help Reduce The Amount Of Food Ingested … Read more

Type Of Muscles And Function In The Body

 Type Of Muscles And Function  In The Body  video Source The gym has the greatest impact on muscles, bones, joints, and connective tissue, so it is worthwhile to know their functions, the way they function, the basic divisions, etc.   Muscles are divided into:   1. Smooth 2. Cross-Striped (Which Is Most Commonly Encountered In The … Read more

Super 6 Resistance Band Shoulder Press Workouts

  Super 6  Resistance Band Shoulder Press Workouts Image Source Today I’m going to be showing you how to get a crazy Super 6 Resistance Band Shoulder Press shoulder workout the serious pump using no weight just a little resistance band a piece of equipment that’s super lightweight that you can take absolutely anywhere and … Read more

Flat stomach workout

  Flat stomach workout | Super exercises for tight abs | Do you want a flat stomach? I don’t know a person who doesn’t want to!   People spend millions, if not billions of euros every year in search of a flat stomach. There are currently over 200 different exercise devices, with very resonant names, that … Read more

what are the components of health related fitness

 What are the main components of Fitness? Image source.canvas                                            There are many components are in physical fitness such as the health-related components of Fitness, the skills-related components of Fitness, and also the components of … Read more

Top 10 health benefits of CrossFit

Well, there are many reasons why fitness enthusiasts are going crazy over this regimen. Here are a couple of benefits of CrossFit Workouts. Intensity For the CrossFit workout, everyone can neutralize the intensive mod because it’s a highly difficult workout than the opposite. during this workout, people can do exactly burpees, jogging, and squatting but … Read more

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