Home Workout full-body challenge in 2020-21

      Home Workout full-body challenge. Everyone wants to lose weight and everyone wants to become fit in your life .but some problem coming in this workout just you can see the videos all related fitness even you can see some article which is very long tutorial so everyone has much time spent on … Read more

30 day beginner fitness challenge

30 days fitness workout challenge at home without equipment in 2020-21-Aks-fitness-blog Is 30 days fitness challenge is good? The 30 days fitness challenge is not made for you to get in shape. It’s just the beginning of your fitness to make in good shape in some months. so the 30 days are not enough for … Read more

Introduction to health and fitness

  Introduction to health and fitness. In this blog, I discuss all things related to this blog of fitness and health. Many people are trouble in the loss are gain of weight some people are also want to fit because every person want to  aim to look in good shape so in this way, I … Read more