The Best Baddie Outfits for Women

The baddie outfit, most famously worn by Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians and now known as one of the signature pieces of Disney’s live-action adaptations, has become iconic in the fashion world and culture at large. This attire has been worn by countless women on the red carpet, though far fewer men have worn … Read more

Can hair dye damage your scalp?

Can hair dye damage your scalp? And Treatment of gray hair. Damages the scalp Is there anyone who thinks that two-agent toon and odorous gray hair dyeing can damage the scalp? However, especially the hair is soft, but once the color is added, it is a problem. You can dye your hair without damaging it, … Read more

Hair fall Causes and Treatment

     Hair fall Causes and Treatment Hair loss can include baldness on the scalp and loss of hair on the rest of the body. Causes of hair loss can include a hereditary trait and a hormonal change, suffering from another disease, and a side effect of its medical treatment. Are more prone to. The … Read more