inner thigh workout women

Thigh workouts at home and also gluteus training
inner thigh workout women

inner thigh workout women at home


REPETITION SERIES EXERCISES of inner thigh workout women


  • Foot extension 4×12
  • Front squats 4×12
  • Hack squats 4×12
  • Lying leg flexion 4×12


  • Squats 4×12
  • Foot thrust 4×12
  • Step 4×12

I exercise my thighs at home twice a week and I always exercise them completely: quadriceps, gluteus, and hindquarters on the same day. I don’t separate muscle groups on different days because I feel like a lot of good leg muscle exercises affect more than one muscle group. I do, however, exercise for certain parts of the leg muscles with isolating exercises such as leg extension and supine flexion.

Generally speaking about the inner thigh workout women I wait about three days before I train the same metric game again, so if I train my legs on Monday, for example, I won’t train them again before Thursday. This gives my muscles enough time to fully recover from the previous workout.

I change exercises at each subsequent leg workout, concentrating on both basic and isolation exercises. Using different exercises in each workout allows me to hit my legs from all angles, leaving no part untrained. While squat movements are great for gluteus development, I think the best exercise of all time for powerful bodybuilding glutes is a “step forward”. I always take a step with a two-handed weight because I feel that it ensures that I stay upright, and allows my grip not to fail before my feet, which can happen when you hold dumbbells. I put the weight on my shoulders and make strides around the parking lot outside my gym, and that parking lot is the size of walking twice along the entire football field.

The only leg muscle group I don’t exercise the same day with my legs is the leaves. They will always be a little smaller than I would like, so I train them on those days when I can pay full attention to them, and I train them really hard. I exercise the leaves twice a week so well that I concentrate on slow and controlled movements with a full radius.

I have seen many bodybuilders who have trouble building the mass of leg muscles. In that case, they did not focus entirely on them. I believe that heavyweights with a large number of repetitions will build a mass of leg muscles. I always try to do 12 reps in a series in leg training, and although some people say that’s a lot, I think a little more reps (still using a lot of weight) is the key to developing quality mass. Also, read Short head biceps exercises in 2021.

A small number of repetitions may develop strength, but a larger number of repetitions definitely builds mass. Then when I started to concentrate on the strategy of developing the mass of the leg muscles, they started to react.

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