Best 5 Tricep workouts

In this blog, I am going to talk about the tricep workout. in this workout, all the information is sharing with you. The tricep workout is very helpful for the bodybuilding man bodybuilder is prefer the bicep workout but for the growth of the body, you must do the tricep workout.

I have explained the best workout routine for the tricep that can be followed using a pair of dumbbell the entire tricep workout consists of supersets where  super  one dumbbell exercise and one bodyweight exercise to hit the muscle on all head.

Tricep   Exercising is not an easy task. You have to work so hard that in this exercise I am going to tell you different ways to solve it. There are a lot of people who work very hard to complete the workout, so you also have to work very hard to complete the workout. Yes, I will do my best. It will be difficult for me. In this exercise, no one has faced any difficulty yet. In this, we are going to tell you seven ways,

note. try the running exercise

Before you do any exercise, you need must do a warm-up first

The first exercise we are going to talk about is how we will accomplish it. Next, it is very easy to clear them. To accomplish this you will only need five minutes. the first exercise is going to close grip bench press so I got to have regular bench press first crib foreclosure.

1.The triceps Pope pushes

The triceps Pope pushes down exercise is the best for the growth of our muscles. It’s is the choice for anyone who performed the triceps workout. In this exercise, people want to build muscle. This blog, it’s the first exercise that I recommend to you. This exercise is totally obtained from the beginning of the triceps workout. In this workout please follow the all step.

Tips for this exercise

The triceps rope pushes down is to work your arm strength.

In the first step of this exercise, you make sure to be totally focused on the exercise. You need to attach the double rope in the highest notch of the grip. And then standing on one foot and begin the workout up and down.

This workout can do a maximum of 15 rep. Then start another exercise.

Note. try the CrossFit workout.

2.Dumbbell overhead triceps extension

It’s another best triceps workout in this workout your arm will be stronger and bigger your muscle many exercises are the same result of just like the triceps workout.

In this exercise, you need to complete all the steps below.

First, you need to dumbbell on both hands and then up in your head and then below the dumbbell slowly behind the head. You focused on this workout because many injuries occur with the results of this kind of exercise. So make sure you work best. The dumbbell exercise is to push your body up and the muscle has been strengthening.

3.Dumbbell Tate press exercise

It’s also the best move towards the muscle build-up.

Most people don’t care about themselves in this workout so be careful and try the best possible way to complete this workout. Because it is a high risk of injuries. And follow the all step to complete this exercise.


Lower dumbbells to chest with thumbs facing down. Elbows will be perpendicular to your body. Squeeze the triceps to extend the arms to start position. Foot on the floor throughout the movement.

And continue to 3 or 4 minutes and performed every day.

4.Close grip push up

Push up grip almost the anterior of the chain. while giving your shoulder blades way a moves to chance a healthy manner during a pressing change of the move. Since they are not pinned against a bench. If you have a push up down pat so try some advance move. And see the different variations. This workout is done to be very helpful for your overall body health. You need to try this best exercise and keep the body strength and come to the competition of the muscle gain workout. So it is not easy. You give some for your body. I am sure you have some good results in this exercise.

5.One-arm dumbbell triceps extension

It is the one hand exercise and it helps your body to strong. So you need to perform all the exercises which I explained in the whole article. See the video for more information.

                                  video source. |Youtube

People also ask Questions about the Tricep workout.

Are 2 exercises enough for the triceps?

The answer is simple is that the viewer asks a question the 2 exercises are not enough for the good result of the triceps workout. Because in this article explained the seven different triceps exercises which very helpful in your triceps workout. So read the article.

Is it bad to workout triceps every day?

 If you are doing the limited workout so do it every day. In this article all the workouts you can do every day.

 How do I build triceps fast?

 if you are a beginner you not try this hard workout. I will recommend you to try all workouts for up to 15 days and then move to an advanced workout.

 How do you hit all 3 heads of triceps?

Dumbbell overhead triceps extension and also the other two exercises have been explained in the above article.

 How do I bulk up my triceps?

 this is not very simple so try the above exercise.

 How do you get big triceps in 2 weeks?

it is not possible in 2 weeks if you work very hard so this is a very crucial exercise for your body. Injuries are possible in this type of exercise. You can work up to 3 or 4 months.

 How can I bulk up my arms fast?

 this is not very simple so try the above exercise.

 Is it good to work out biceps and triceps on the same day?

 no, you can do first the bicep and then try the triceps workout. 

Can you train your triceps 2 days in a row?

You need to work up to two weeks and then you train you can work alone in your home

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