6 Common Diet Mistakes When Woman Trying to Lose Weight


6 Common Diet  Mistakes When Woman Trying to Lose Weight

6 Common Diet  Mistakes When Woman Trying to Lose Weight

Why am I not losing weight?

In pursuit of a slim figure, we forget about the most important thing our health. Let’s take a look at the main mistakes of women who are losing weight and actively exercising:

1. Lack of breakfast

A very popular mistake of many girls is the lack of a morning meal or its “unhealthy” replacement. Breakfast will start the metabolism, forcing the body to spend more calories and burn more fat, but its absence, on the contrary, leads to a slowdown in the process of losing weight.

Remember, the right breakfast is not a couple of dry-boiled sausage sandwiches. The right breakfast is balanced and nutritious. And it starts with a glass of warm water immediately after waking up. But after 20-30 minutes you can start your “meal”. Give your preference to slow carbohydrates: any cereals and cereals (except semolina and white rice), whole grain pasta. These foods will keep you full throughout the day, and you won’t overeat during lunch or dinner. Set aside proteins (cottage cheese, yogurt, meat) for the second half of the day.

2. Elimination of fats, carbohydrates

It is important to understand that each component is an indispensable component of any diet. It doesn’t matter if you are losing, maintaining, or gaining weight. The only difference is in their ratio. The correct ratio “B / W / U”, and not their exclusion, is the guarantee of health and an ideal figure. 45% -65% of your diet should be carbohydrates (moreover, the correct, so-called “slow carbohydrates” – cereals, vegetables, legumes, and some fruits, and not those “simple carbohydrates – buns and sweets), 20% -35% should be given fats, 10% -35% – proteins. 

3. Combining food and drink

A glass of water 20-30 minutes before a meal is useful, then you have the right to drink any drink, tea, coffee, or even water no earlier than an hour later. It is this regime that will allow food to be better absorbed, and you will maintain a feeling of satiety and “lightness.”

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4. Mono diet

The body is a cunning device. It is he, our sane commander, who suddenly loses all useful substances and goes into an economical mode, begins to turn off everything in our body that requires a lot of energy. As a result, memory deteriorates, brain activity slows down, activity is lost, and your body “goes into hibernation.” The most correct and reliable way to lose weight is a healthy diet, which will not only save you from all kinds of diseases caused by the wrong food but also consolidate your results and lost pounds.

5. Exclusion of an important product category

This is how our body works. He is a big pyramid. Remove one “cube” from it – the rest will fall too. It is important to understand that an integral part of almost any diet (except health restrictions, certain beliefs (temporary fast food) are all of the following categories:

– Salt (“white death” – such a terrifying name – not a reason to give up this product altogether, the norm is 3-5 grams per day, including foods containing salt)

– Dairy products (butter, low-fat cheeses, cottage cheese, yogurts, and other fermented milk drinks),

Poultry (chicken and turkey breasts are considered dietary), as well as eggs (the correct ratio of protein and yolk is 3: 1, i.e. it is recommended to eat no more than 1 egg and 2 proteins per day)

– Mammal meat (beef, bison, roe deer)

– Fish (and it is obligatory to use fatty varieties – they contain essential amino acids Omega-3, – and non-fatty ones), seafood, caviar

– Vegetables (the only exception here is potatoes) and greens

– Fruits and berries (be careful with bananas, grapes, do not overuse avocados – this is a fairly high-calorie and fatty product)

– Dried fruits and nuts (30 grams per day is enough, do not overdo it – this category is very high in calories)

– Oils (it is important to remember that 100 grams of any oil contain almost 900 kcal, 1-2 tablespoons of olive or flaxseed oil per day are enough)

– Cereals (however, white rice is not considered useful, wheat cereals are NOT whole grains – as a rule, this is semolina, couscous)

I would like to add a few notes: firstly, white meat should serve as the basis of your “protein regime”, red meat should be consumed 1-2 times a week, and secondly, these categories can be counted – seasonings and spices, as a rule, are good ” accelerating “metabolism and an excellent salt substitute. 

6. Synthetic sweeteners

All synthetic sweeteners cause several serious diseases, including cancer! In no case should we forget about this, being tempted by another tempting name “WITHOUT SUGAR”? The chemistry that is so abundant in these diabetic and dietetic foods on supermarket shelves carries the greatest harm.

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