30 day beginner fitness challenge

30 days fitness workout challenge at home without equipment in 2020-21-Aks-fitness-blog

Is 30 days fitness challenge is good?

The 30 days fitness challenge is not made for you to get in shape. It’s just the beginning of your fitness to make in good shape in some months. so the 30 days are not enough for your good body shape. but you continue this work for 3 months so I will guarantee you are looking in great shape so in this time you can just start your works and make in sleepy good shape after your work.

How long does it take to transform your body from fat to fit?

People also question how many time to transform your body in good shape it is the main question of 30 days fitness that people want an answer so the answer is this; that many experts say about your fitness you will follow the 30 days workout regularly so after 3 to 4 months your body will transform into another shape that you want.

Can I get shape in a month?

No, but you feel some positive change in your body that helps your body to get more work and to make in good shape.

You can follow these steps to make in good shape.

 Are you ready to accept the 30 days fitness challenge workout at home so you say yes so can follow all the steps carefully and do daily?

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks is good to lose weight as a beginner you can follow this work in a morning and evening and one-minute time note in a stopwatch and start jumping after one minute you some 2-minute rest and then start the jumping again in one minute this work you need five-time for your 30 days fitness challenge. after this jumping jacks challenge you will move to another challenge of work.

Push-ups challenge

After the jumping jacks take some rest and then in one minute push-ups you can need complete push-ups that hold your body much time.it is also good for the weight loss of 30 days of fitness challenge. you can 5 time push in our morning time and also our evening time of exercise. you can complete 100 push-ups in a day that’s you completed your 30 days fitness challenge.

Step up onto the chair

After push-ups, you can also need some step up like the jumping jacks but in this case, you will need a chair or bench to complete this work. this is a big beneficiary to complete the 30 days fitness challenge workout at home or another place that you exercise. you need 100 times this work the total time of this work is also five minutes.

Abdominal crunches

The abdominal crunch does not lose your body weight but it is very important for your body into a tone shape. so it is also very important for your fitness challenge you need also five-minute work to abdominal crunches and hold the body sometimes.

Plank challenge

You need to hold the body in a minute in the Planck challenge it’s very difficult but you take some time and before to start you can practice so it happens very easily it is also five-time of work to complete your challenge.


The summery of 30 days fitness challenge is very short you can need all the work on time so after some time your body in good shape. your notes the time also of all the work and between those work take some rest for our health and the make for a better feeling.


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