How Many Sit-Ups Weights Challenge In A Day


How Many Sit-Ups Weights Challenge In A Day

How Many Sit-Ups Weights Challenge In A Day

Do you want tiles ?! You can reach them very easily! Jump to the first pottery shop !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Fat on the side (to the left), 98% of people are not satisfied with the appearance of their stomach. What’s more, some specimens of the male sex from the stomach can’t even see “that” piece of theirs … Such is the lost case when it comes to tiles and good abs … Let those who have hope continue to read this, stay free let them be demoralized! ๐Ÿ™‚

I think it’s time for someone to tell you in your face, like this through the monitor, that the road to a muscular stomach is very long and arduous. It is terribly stupid to believe various magazines in which it says that in a month, with a slight shimmer on the floor and some exercises that hang your face on the bat, you will reach the “perfect belly” as they often like to write. Beware: Whoever wants abs, he has to sweat his pants well! What can I do when that’s the case ?!

There is no magic formula (unfortunately), it’s a matter of a few things, and these:

1. Strong will – without this there is nothing. You have to make a firm decision that you will try and die until you manage to “do” your abs so that you will see the famous tiles under your T-shirt (and even your feathered jacket!).

2. Nutrition – Rarely does anyone attach importance to this. It’s useless to make thousands of bellies a day if you eat three oxen after that, empty seven bakeries, and rob an ice cream factory. A stomach is a favorite place where fats (lipids) make their parties. Of course, you should not starve, but you should watch your diet. It is desirable to consume as little fat as possible. And feel free to cut the sweets in half, if you can’t eliminate them. A person needs about 1200-1300 calories a day. We enter about 3000 thousand! Double more! And those poor black people from Africa don’t bring in even 1000 a day, so now you see …

3. Running – Extremely important moment in the whole story. Understand that you need to be as physically active as possible. Go for running, football, basketball, cricket, how do I know, any sport (except chess). Watch to run 5 days a week, 2 days off. If we ran 5 km every day, that would be enough. Running removes belly fat that obscures the view of your imposing muscles!

4. Abdominals – Many people think that it is enough to do just abs. No. First, make a firm decision that you will train regularly. Then, reduce your fat intake – so your stomach will no longer grow. Then run to remove the existing layers of bacon, and finally strengthen the abdominal muscles with your abs, which will then sew on your stomach, which no longer covers the cobs.

Abdominals can also be performed at home. Put a pillow under your ass, stick your feet under the sofa, and pump. They are grateful, and it is easy to increase their number day by day.

Do 50 pieces today, 100 tomorrow. There you will get inflammation, which is a sign that something is progressively happening in the area of โ€‹โ€‹your body that you have neglected. Ideally, the number of abs would increase by 50 each day. And then you get to the figure of 1000 a day! Stay there. 1000 sit-ups, running, cultural nutrition – and here are the solutions! Over time, exercise gets into your bloodstream, so itโ€™s no problem for you to work on yourself. It goes, somehow, on its own.

How to cramp the pathos? (or what kind of abs to do?)

There are classic sit-ups: A sitting position on the floor, legs slightly bent at the knees and stuck to a piece of furniture. Work in batches of 50 pieces. After a few minutes break, then again 50 pieces. This type of exercise has the greatest effect on the upper and middle abs.

For the lower abs: Lie on the floor, stretch your legs and glue them together (if you have another leg, take care of yourself). Lift them some 30 cm from the pathos. Then lift them slowly up, down. You can also write the alphabet, numbers, with your feet. Work while you can. When your feet shake from the pathos, rest a bit, then again! and that, persistently! If you work hard you can complete the sit-ups weights challenge in a day. It is also good to do classic abs for the lower abs, only with the legs apart, which should flutter freely, ie. don’t hang them for anything.

You can also do this: Lie on your back, then lift your torso and bent legs so that your chin touches your knees. Just, be careful, donโ€™t grit your teeth! ๐Ÿ™‚ Repeat this in batches of 50 pieces.

And maybe this is the best: Popular cramps. Lie on the floor (preferably on the grass, if possible) and lift your legs 20-30 cm from the floor. Of course, you don’t bend them at the knees. Then you lift your torso as if you were going to take a sitting position and pull your legs to your chest. Then slowly return your back to the floor and your legs to the starting position. Repeat this three times, up to fifty times in a series, do 5 series.

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