Hair fall Causes and Treatment


   Hair fall Causes and Treatment

Hair loss can include baldness on the scalp and loss of hair on the rest of the body. Causes of hair loss can include a hereditary trait and a hormonal change, suffering from another disease, and a side effect of its medical treatment. Are more prone to.

The term baldness is commonly used to describe a condition in which the hair on the scalp falls out. Hereditary hair loss at a certain age is considered to be one of the leading causes of baldness. Some people do not worry about losing their hair and allow their scalp to grow naturally and do nothing to cure it or hide their bald head. However, for some people, this is a major concern and they try to hide it with their hairstyle, or with a wig, hat, or turban. And some people are willing to try any kind of treatment to cure their deficiency. Also, read about fitness CrossFit workout.

Causes of hair loss

It is important to know the causes of hair loss before treating it. Hair loss of 100 hairs per person per day is not a cause for concern as it does not make much difference to the density of the hair on the head and new hairs keep growing in their place. Hair loss is a concern when the balance of hair loss and regrowth is disturbed and the hair follicles under the skin become defective and their exit holes are closed. Become

The causes of hair loss include the following factors


The most common cause of hair loss is inherited traits. It’s not the same for men and women. But this condition gradually develops with age. In men, it can be seen in the form of hair loss from a few places to complete hair removal, while in women, it can be seen in the form of thinning or thinning hair 

Hormonal changes

One of the causes of hair loss is hormonal changes in the body during adulthood, during pregnancy, after childbirth, sinusitis, and any disease of the thyroid gland. They can cause temporary or permanent hair loss.


 The cause of hair loss is alopecia areata which appears in the hairy parts of the body in the form of hairless parts in the form of hairs, such as scalp worm or any other infection or trichotillomania. Diseases also occur.

Medications and supplements

Hair loss is also a side effect of certain medications, such as those used to treat cancer, osteoporosis, depression or heart disease, bells, and blood pressure.

 Radiation therapy

When radiation is used to treat a disease, the hair either falls out completely or does not remain as alive and thick as before.


Some people suffer from hair loss during traumatic or emotional stress in life or even several months after it. However, this is a temporary condition.

Hairstyles and ways to improve them

Styling or tying a braid too much can cause hair loss. Measures such as heating or applying oil to the hair can also cause hair loss. In doing so, if the balloon follicles become infected, then permanent baldness may occur.


Even though you are told about many hair loss prescriptions in many books, magazines, newspapers, and social media and are presented with countless food pills and application oils with advertising claim there is no cure for hair loss yet. Could not get scientific confirmation. However, by analyzing the causes of hair loss and then correcting them by analyzing your routine, hair loss can be prevented and any defects in their growth can be removed. Yet there is no cure for hereditary and once permanent hair loss.



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