Corona epidemic in the UK

       Corona epidemic in the UK


To date, the world has not experienced an outbreak similar to the current outbreak of the coronavirus. This is far more than 2009 swine flu outbreak. According to experts, there is no chance that the epidemic will stop or slow down as seen in a country like Italy. Still, countries like ours, where the epidemic has not yet spread so much, can benefit from the precautionary measure of social distance.

What is the social distance?

Social distance is basically the name given to limiting human interaction and keeping oneself at least 6 feet away from other people. Because the coronavirus is present in the air, the best way to prevent it from spreading is to minimize airborne contaminants. This will require working from home, avoiding social events, avoiding crowded public places, including public transport, and avoiding unnecessary travel. ۔ Also read  Most deadly diseases in the UK


The purpose of social distance is to reduce the likelihood of people being exposed to the virus and to reduce contact with each other as much as possible. The purpose is to perform the most essential daily duties without endangering anyone’s life. Not only can this prevent the virus from invading itself but it can also protect others from it.


Who needs social distance the most?


Social distance is most needed by people who are more likely to get a viral infection, such as the elderly, cancer patients, those with weakened immune systems, and people taking certain medications, such as steroids. Also, people with chronic lung disease, diabetes, kidney disease, pregnant women and neurological patients are at higher risk of contracting the virus.


High-risk means that if the epidemic spreads too much, the victims will be more vulnerable to the disease than the general population because of the weakened immune system. So social distance is a way to save the lives of such people.


Are young people safe?


It should not be forgotten that this is not an individual health problem but an epidemic affecting the health of countless people. While there is no doubt that older people are at greater risk of contracting it, older people are no safer.


Once the coronavirus has entered someone’s body, it can take 14 days to become infected. But even if he can’t make the host body sick because of its strong immune system, it can be transferred to another body. This means that before you can show signs of the virus in your body, you can cause the virus to be transmitted to your family or close contacts.


Infected people often do not pay attention to the fact that they are carrying the infection inside and can cause it to be transmitted. Although maintaining social distance is a difficult task for young people, it is a must when it comes to protecting the health of the general public.


In this time of the epidemic, the people of a country like ours need to limit the number of people in gatherings and not to leave the house for social interaction. The government needs the full cooperation of the people to control the epidemic.


How to be safe?


There is no problem in going out of the house to buy a necessity, such as a daily necessities deal or to buy some medicine, but in the meanwhile avoid being close to other people. It is best to go at a time when the store is not crowded. Like in the morning or at night. When leaving home, make sure you wear a mask and keep your hands clean with an alcohol disinfectant, sanitizer, throughout your visit.


The most important step in protecting yourself and others from the coronavirus is to wash your hands for 20 seconds, especially when you come home from the outdoors, before eating or meeting any potentially infected person. Next, adopt the routine.


Dr. Caitlin Rivers, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins University has even suggested that you should not use your mobile phone while shopping because of its screen. Levels can also help spread the virus. If you are at risk of contracting an epidemic, you should stop leaving the house altogether. Home delivery services are common these days. You can order your necessities from a phone call at home.


Meeting other members of your family


Hospitality is a proud part of our culture. But this is not the time for social interaction, especially to avoid meeting relatives who are suffering from an illness. If proper precautions are not taken or social distance is not taken care of, where you may suffer a loss, it can cause harm not only to other members of your family but also to the health of people across the country.


Coronavirus in Pakistan


According to the latest reports, the number of people infected with the coronavirus in Pakistan has reached 11,362 and the number of deaths due to it have reached 239 and the graph of this number has been going up over the last few days.


Countries with the highest death toll from the disease, such as Italy, did not take timely precautions to prevent the disease, and if we followed the same course, our fate would be the same. It can only happen. If you or someone close to you is infected with the virus. If there are any mild symptoms of HIV, report it immediately to the relevant helpline and do not hesitate to get tested and if the test is positive, separate yourself from the rest of the people.



The contents of this article are intended to provide information on general health issues and should not be construed as a definitive medical solution to a particular health problem. You must consult with an authorized physician before using any of the medications recommended in this article or following the medical procedure.


The most important thing to consider in this regard is that our country’s resources are limited and in the event of an outbreak, our health system will be completely paralyzed. It is now our responsibility, the general public’s, to play our part in controlling the spread of the virus so that mass killings can be avoided.


Now our armed forces are also standing by the people to stop the spread of this epidemic. Such joint efforts are needed to prevent the spread of this epidemic.



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