60+ types of heart disease and their treatment


60+ types of heart disease and their treatment

60+ types of heart disease and their treatment

Heart disease is not a single disorder.it is referred to the group of many vessels which are involved in severe heart diseases such as blocked vessel and many more disorders that come to the people.

Types of heart disease

There are different type of more than 60 disorders of the heart . which is the most severe disease of the heart.

Here is the list that occurs in the people of the world. every person in the world has these issues of the heart.

Coronary heart disease in human

Coronary heart disease is also called coronary artery disease. In the disorders the blood supply in arteries is stopped or damaged so due to the less supply of blood to the heart coronary arteries disorders will come and the people have large issues of the heart comes. If you want to more explanation of this disease read more

Cardiomyopathy disease

Cardiomyopathy is a condition in which the heart muscle that helps to pump the blood throughout the body becomes weak. The risk of these disorders in the older stage. Read more for more information about this disorder.

Angina pectoris

It is a condition or symptom of coronary heart disease. These disorders are also about less blood to the heart. In this condition the chest region has severe pain comes so in this way the people have to receive enough blood to the heart so this disorder occurs. If you have a problem like this please read more related to these disorders.

Congenital heart disease

These disorders mostly occur in the childbirth stages. At the time of birth, some defects occur in the child’s heart so it is also very dangerous for those people who have family disorders so for more information do need so please visit this site and for complete information about this heart disease.

Ischemic heart disease

It is also reduced the blood supply to the heart so in this disorder the heart vessel is partially blocked which results of received less blood to the heart. In these disorders, a heart attack occurs so make sure you need more information about this to see more.

Causes of heart disease

There are some causes of heart disease which very common in people. So we can discuss it below.

High cholesterol

High cholesterol is very dangerous for the disease of the heart. particularly it can occur atherosclerosis or hardening the arteries vessel for the high cholesterol it blocks the heart vessel and very serious heart problem can occur. Some time block those vessels that the blood to the brain so in this case the chances of the strokes will come for the people.it is also a blocked vessel to legs and many parts of the body. so in any case they block your vessel so the big reason behind has high cholesterol in the human body.


First of all, what are diabetics?

It is the disorder of high sugar in our body and does not control the suger of that body because of missing a hormone called insulin. If you have more explanation about diabetics please read the complete article.

Then moves to our topic that the people having a diabetes problem will more affect heart disease because there are two types of diabetics which type 1 and type II disease in this type II disease the people overweight is the big reason for heart disease. It also the level of sugar increase in the blood which is mostly happening these the heart disease.


The carcinogen found in the citrate is part of smoking and heart disease.

These harmful substances are absorbed in the blood and heart diseases occur. as a result, the blood-contaminated due to the nicotine and this blood is a pump to the heart so in this way several heart disease occurs. It increases the risk of a heart attack.


There are two types of stress physical and emotional stress. Physical stress is involved in heart disease. The lack of physical stress the major risk of a heart attack.


Do exercise on daily bases just like the 30-days-fitness-workout

The whole body exercise and food to avoid for this fitness training all can do on daily bases which help in the prevention of these heart disease.

Foods that prevent heart disease

Oatmeal, walnut, tofu, kidney beans, and chickpeas,

Mackerel, flax seeds, sardines, plums, and prunes,

Pomegranate, barley, garlic, ginger, dark leafy greens,

Food  to avoid

Unhealthy fats, processed meats, highly refined and processed grains and carbohydrate,

Canned vegetable, soft drinks, and other sugary drinks, tomato sauce, some other food to avoid,

Baked dessert goods, powdered coffee creams,



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