Introduction to health


Introduction to health.

What is health? What is the importance of good health? why it is good for people?

All the question arise about the health in this blog I will explain the basic importance of firstly what is health?


Health is the backbone of our body a healthy man feels every pleasure of is also important for the living of happiness in life. the man works for his family and money for everything whose needs in our life.simply the person feels better so I can say it’s a healthy man.


Definition of health


The definition of health depend upon the people thought but I will define it in this way, the man whose feel physically fit so we can say it’s good.

there are five main aspects of health, personal health: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual.


personal health


the person fits and works it means physical fitness.




The people live happily and there are no issues in life so it’s emotional fitness.




The people help the poor so we can say it is fit in the field of social works because whose people not help the poor so it’s 100% involved in some health problems.


 What is the basic point of this blog

In this blog, we can discuss all the issues about the health so follow this blog for more interesting topics see.

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