20 best fat-burning foods to eat

20 best tips to live long, healthy life secrets foods to eat to live longer


Living life is what everyone needs but live long life everyone desire. So here are certain tips for long life and healthy happy life.

 ways to live long, healthy life secrets


1.    Choose a healthy diet



Eat a healthy diet which is rich in grains, fruit, vegetable, and more food that want your body. You can use the best plane for eating food every day. That’s the first tip to survive a long life.

2.    Stop smoking



You need to stop smoking because many harmful disorders are caused by smoking. The smoker has more risk to many heart diseases such as a heart attack, strokes, and many diseases. ,30  to 40℅ chance of developing type 2 diabetic disease.
The smoker concentrate to stop smoking you need treatment to stop smoking.

3.    Keep physically active

Exercise it least 30 minutes a day or  5days a week you need to everyday exercise and followed the best plan for body fitness. You can do the household chores and moving your body.

4.    Stay positive



Everything in your life that sad for you at this time you need to positive. If you choose to
See yourself as old and failing, you will likely your self that Carries away. Even in every circumstance outside of your body control perform a proper attitude every time you need to positive.

5.    Limit alcohol intake



If you want to stay happy and long life you need to stop alcohol. if you are addicted you need to drink one glass if you drinking 3,4 glasses in that way you drink one glass a day.r Heavy alcohol intake caused chronic diseases such as heart disease and blood pressure diseases.

how to live longer as a man


6.    Manage stress and maintain good mental health


Keep mentally fit if you age connected to your friends and family and children. You need to some extra time for work which you happy in that such as, musical instruments and more things that you engage so all the things can do.

7.    Go Green

You need to drink Green coffee that not your thing which helps your body clean and fit.

8.    Spice it up

Eating hot chili may long years to your life. Even a little spice can beneficial for your body. So it every day so Chilli for

Longer life. it produces endorphins which are reduced the pain and inflammation of our body.

foods to live longer



9.      Monitor yourself

Do not wait for an annual checkup because a small problem could have morphed and the life-threatening disease can cause.


10. Drink whole milk

The researcher consumes 50℅ of the disease due to the drinking of milk and their products. The expert said that 8 to 10 years of human life longer from these products. So we need daily drinking milk and their products.


11. Add water

It also a good way to control your disease in your body. More water you drink more energy will come and also fewer chances of kidney and bladder disorders.


12. A cup of coffee

You need to also a cup of coffee which is very helpful to your body control the high-risk diseases such as strokes etc.


13. Sleep well



It also controls your body problem when you sleep on time and wake up on time. The disease can cause also late night sleeping. so be careful which your body wants.


14. Take the stairs every day

Researchers said to take a stair will reduce your disease UpTo 7℅ so it’s very helpful you can be used everyday stairs.


15. Control stress

In that time of life everyone in a big or small problem so we need to reduce stress even when a person has more problems in our

So make sure that you acknowledge all things that will need in your life for longer life. I wish you have a long life waiting for you.

foods to eat to live longer.

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